Introducing MyBloodTracker

You visit the doctor and they give you a blood test report.  Listed on their report are numerous results, reference ranges and HIGH/LOW warnings - very confusing isn't it?  Am I healthy or should I be working on improving?  You see, doctors only treat you for issues once you are outside of the normal blood test ranges.

Introducing a new app for your iPhone or iPad: MyBloodTracker

MyBloodTracker allows you to enter the test reference ranges and the blood test results into the logs screen easily.  The entered value instantly turns green if the test result is in range and, more importantly, red if the result is outside of the normal test range.  In addition, there is a description of each test and what it's typically used for.

History is helpful.  With the simple touch of a button, all the tests are graphed and shown with previous entered test results.  You can easily see if you are trending high or trending low.  Based on these trends you can talk to your doctor about the best course of action to correct or maintain your health.

Privacy is important. All the test results are stored locally on your iPhone and/or iPad and NOT on someone’s servers.  They automatically synchronize to your computer using iTunes.  No one can access your test results and graphs except you.  Nothing is stored online for anyone to gain access to.

Protect Your Health - Download MyBloodTracker Today!


Simple to Use


All Bloodtest Data is Stored Locally on Your iPhone and/or iPad  


No Wi-Fi or Cellular Network is Needed


Easy to Read Graphs of Your Bloodtests Show Just How Healthy You Are


Privacy is Our Main Concern.   No One but YOU Has Access to These Test Results

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